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A brand new generative engine and three voices at the moment are typically out there on Amazon Polly

Voiced by Polly

At present, we’re asserting the overall availability of the generative engine of Amazon Polly with three voices: Ruth and Matthew in American English and Amy in British English. The brand new generative engine was educated with publicly out there and proprietary information and a wide range of voices, languages, and types. It performs with the very best precision to render context-dependent prosody, pausing, spelling, dialectal properties, overseas phrase pronunciation, and extra.

Amazon Polly is a machine studying (ML) service that converts textual content to lifelike speech, referred to as text-to-speech (TTS) know-how. Now, Amazon Polly consists of high-quality, natural-sounding humanlike voices in dozens of languages, so you’ll be able to choose the best voice and distribute your speech-enabled functions in lots of locales or nations.

With Amazon Polly, you’ll be able to choose numerous voice choices, together with neural, long-form, and generative voices, which ship ground-breaking enhancements in speech high quality and produce human-like, extremely expressive, and emotionally adept voices. You’ll be able to retailer speech output in customary codecs like MP3 or OGG, modify the speech price, pitch, or quantity with Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) tags, and shortly ship lifelike voices and conversational consumer experiences with constantly quick response instances.

What’s the brand new generative engine?
Amazon Polly now helps 4 voice engines: customary, neural, long-form, and generative voices.

Customary TTS voices, launched in 2016 use conventional concatenative synthesis. This technique strings collectively the phonemes of recorded speech, producing very natural-sounding synthesized speech. Nonetheless, the inevitable variations in speech and the strategies used to section the waveforms restrict the standard of speech.

Neural TTS (NTTS) voices, launched in 2019, use a sequence-to-sequence neural community that converts a sequence of phonemes into spectrograms and a neural vocoder that converts the spectrograms right into a steady audio sign. The NTTS produces even increased high quality humanlike voices than its customary voices.

Lengthy-form voices, launched in 2023, are developed with cutting-edge deep studying TTS know-how and designed to captivate listeners’ consideration for longer content material, comparable to information articles, coaching supplies, or advertising and marketing movies.

In February 2024, Amazon scientists launched a brand new analysis TTS mannequin referred to as Large Adaptive Streamable TTS with Emergent skills (BASE). With this know-how, the Amazon Polly generative engine is ready to create humanlike synthetically generated voices. You should use these voices as a educated buyer assistant, a digital coach, or an skilled marketer.

Listed below are the brand new generative voices:

Identify Locale Gender Language Pattern immediate NTTS voices
Generative voices
Ruth en_US Feminine English (US) Selma was mendacity on the bottom midway down the steps. 'Selma! Selma!' we shouted in panic.
Matthew en_US Male English (US) The guards had been standing exterior with a few of our neighbours, listening to a transistor radio. 'Any excellent news?' I requested. 'No, we're listening to the names of people that had been killed yesterday,' Bruno replied.
Amy en_GB Feminine English (British) What are you ?' he mentioned as he stood over me. They received off the bus and began looking the luggage compartment. The strain on the bus was like a darkish, menacing cloud that hovered above us.

You’ll be able to select from these voice choices to fit your utility and use case. To be taught extra concerning the generative engine, go to Generative voices within the AWS documentation.

Get began with utilizing generative voices
You’ll be able to entry the brand new voices utilizing the AWS Administration Console, AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI), or the AWS SDKs.

To get began, go to the Amazon Polly console within the US (N. Virginia) Area and select the Textual content-to-Speech menu within the left pane. If you choose the voice of Ruth or Matthew within the language of English, US or Amy in English, UK, you’ll be able to select the Generative engine. Enter your textual content and take heed to or obtain the generated voice output.

Utilizing the CLI, you’ll be able to record the voices that use the brand new generative engine:

$ aws polly describe-voices --output json --region us-east-1 
| jq -r '.Voices[] | choose(.SupportedEngines | index("generative")) | .Identify'


Now, run the synthesize-speech CLI command to synthesize pattern textual content to an audio file (hiya.mp3) with the parameters of generative engine and a supported voice ID.

$ aws polly synthesize-speech --output-format mp3 --region us-east-1 
  --text "Good day. That is my first generative voices!" 
  --voice-id Matthew --engine generative hiya.mp3

To be taught extra code examples utilizing AWS SDKs, go to Code and utility examples within the AWS documentation. You should use Java and Python code examples, utility examples comparable to internet functions utilizing Java or Python, or iOS and Android functions.

Now out there
The brand new generative voices of Amazon Polly at the moment are out there at present within the US East (N. Virginia) Area. You solely pay for what you employ primarily based on the variety of characters of textual content that you simply convert to speech. To be taught extra, go to our Amazon Polly Pricing web page.

Give new generative voices a strive within the Amazon Polly console at present and ship suggestions to AWS re:Publish for Amazon Polly or by way of your typical AWS Help contacts.




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