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Incorporating 3D Printing into Arithmetic Training at NSU

Northwestern State College’s Division of Arithmetic is embracing innovation this fall with the introduction of a brand new course integrating 3D printing into mathematical studying. Dr. Nicholas Richardson, teacher for the 3D Print Design course, acknowledged the potential of 3D printing in elucidating complicated mathematical ideas.

Incorporating 3D Printing into Mathematics Education at NSU
Geometric issues made tangible with 3D printing. (Picture Credit score: Northwestern State College)

Using 3D printers to manufacture fashions for calculus courses, Richardson noticed enhanced comprehension amongst college students when introduced with tangible 3D objects. The forthcoming course goals to leverage this pedagogical method by offering college students with hands-on expertise.

Starting with an introduction to 3D printers and the software program OpenSCAD, college students will delve into the realm of 3D modeling. OpenSCAD’s distinctive programming-centric method allows the creation of various 3D fashions with out prior drawing abilities, providing a novel perspective on design.

Furthermore, the course integrates programming ideas akin to Pc Science I C/C++, catering to college students with various ranges of programming proficiency. Richardson emphasizes the benefit of instantaneous suggestions and visual progress, contrasting with conventional programming programs the place progress could also be much less obvious.

All through the semester, college students will traverse all the prototyping course of, from conceptualization to bodily realization, empowering them with complete understanding and sensible abilities.

By embracing 3D printing know-how, Northwestern State College is bridging the hole between summary mathematical ideas and tangible, real-world functions.

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