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Ion transport induced room-temperature insulator-metal transition in single-crystalline Cu2Se

Cu2Se is a superionic conductor above 414 Okay, with ionic conductivities reaching that of molten salts. The superionic habits outcomes from hoping Cu ions between completely different crystallographic websites inside the Se scaffold. Nonetheless, properties of Cu2Se beneath 414 Okay are far much less identified because of experimental limitations imposed by the majority or polycrystalline samples which have been accessible thus far. Right here, we report the synthesis of ultra-thin, large-area single crystalline Cu2Se samples utilizing chemical vapor deposition methodology. The as-synthesized Cu2Se crystals exhibit optically and electrically detectable and controllable strong phases at room temperature and above. We exhibit that Cu ion vacancies could be manipulated to induce an insulator-metal transition, which displays 6 orders of magnitude change within the electrical resistance of two terminal gadgets, accompanied by an optical change within the section configuration. Our experiments present that the excessive mobility of the liquid-like Cu ion vacancies in Cu2Se causes macroscopic ordering within the Cu vacancies. Consequently, section distribution over the crystals will not be dictated by the diffusive movement of the ions however by the native vitality minima shaped because of the section transition. Consequently, long-range emptiness ordering of the crystal beneath 414 Okay turns into optically observable at a micrometer scale. This work demonstrates that Cu2Se could possibly be a prototypical system the place long-range ordering properties could be studied by way of electrical and optical strategies.



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