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Pallet Stacking Security: Revealing 5 MSDs Information


Security is paramount in a manufacturing unit. Everybody needs their workforce members to be wholesome and out there to carry out their jobs. Accidents are probably the most undesirable final result, sometimes falling into two classes: quick and progressive.

Speedy accidents, reminiscent of a lower, burn, or damaged bone, require immediate medical remedy. Manufacturing services have private protecting gear (PPE) and security protocols to forestall these accidents. Alternatively, progressive accidents construct up over time and could also be more durable to mitigate. A few of these progressive accidents embody listening to loss, respiratory points, and musculoskeletal problems (MSDs). 

This weblog article will talk about pallet stacking security and the way this handbook process will increase the dangers of musculoskeletal problems. We’ll introduce 5 necessary information and deal with security inside three key industries: Meals & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, and Client Items Manufacturing.

Reality 1: The UK misplaced 149.3 million working days to MSDs in 2021 [1]

What are Musculoskeletal problems (MSDs)?

MSDs are a bunch of situations that have an effect on the muscle groups, tendons, ligaments, nerves, and different gentle tissues of the physique. Repetitive motions, awkward postures, extended static positions, overexertion, and forceful exertions may cause MSDs.

Musculoskeletal-Disorders-MSDs-Impact Manufacturing-Safety

How palletizing methods scale back MSDs in meals & beverage tertiary packaging

Reality 2: The incidence price for MSDs in america was 25.4 days per 10,000 full-time equal (FTE) staff in 2020 [2]

Working in meals manufacturing poses hazards. Whereas the trade has seen some profitable automation, meals and beverage manufacturing encompasses a remarkably various array of merchandise that make it difficult to automate totally. Meals and beverage manufacturing contains powders (sugar, flour, spices, child meals), liquids (soda, wine, cooking oils, dressings, sauces), dry merchandise (cereals, nuts, espresso), and perishable merchandise (fruits, greens, cheeses). Dense merchandise (reminiscent of drinks and powders) might be cumbersome. Different merchandise (reminiscent of liquids) might shift with motion, making it extra harmful for an individual to carry above their head or transfer beneath their waist. In relation to palletizing merchandise, choosing and putting require two key actions: again and shoulder flexion.

What’s flexion motion?

  • Flexion is the bending, twisting, or curving of a physique half.
  • Flexion is the closing of a joint (i.e., lowering the angle of an elbow), which is the precise reverse of extension (i.e., growing the joint angle of the elbow).
  • Shoulder flexion is transferring arms from their resting place together with the physique to above the top.
  • Flexion of the again is bending ahead.

Decrease again ache will increase when there’s a longer length of again flexion in delicate (20° to 40°) and extreme (>45°) positions (reported by the College of Buffalo) or excessive again flexion (>60° per Division of Kinesiology on the College of Waterloo). The handbook palletizing of meals or liquids exposes individuals to each. Those that have skilled again ache know that restoration can take a very long time.

Reality 3: Injured staff within the US wanted a median of 14 days earlier than returning to work [2]

Nevertheless, introducing collaborative robotic (cobot) methods in palletizing operations provides a promising resolution. By assuming the bodily and repetitive pressure of putting merchandise on pallets, cobots mitigate the danger of Musculoskeletal Problems (MSDs) related to palletizing duties. For instance, these cobots can execute lengthy horizontal and tall vertical reaches that may be harmful for a human employee.

Whereas the meals manufacturing trade tackles the inherent challenges of automating all through the worth stream, integrating cobots in palletizing operations represents a proactive step in the direction of enhancing office security and decreasing the incidence of MSDs.



Pallet stacking security in pharmaceutical manufacturing

Like meals and beverage manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing encompasses a variety of merchandise. It contains merchandise reminiscent of:

  1. Strong drugs: These embody tablets, capsules, caplets, and tablets, typically in blister packs, bottles, or jars.
  2. Liquid medicals: Pharmaceutical liquids reminiscent of syrups, suspensions, options, and oral liquids are packaged in bottles, vials, ampoules, or sachets.
  3. Powders and granules: Powders and granules could also be packaged in sachets, pouches, bottles, or jars and might embody merchandise like antibiotics, dietary and protein powders, or granules for oral administration.
  4. Injectables: Injectable drugs, therapies, and vaccines are available in vials, ampoules, or prefilled syringes. These require particular packaging and dealing with on account of their route of administration.
  5. Topical therapies: This class contains lotions, ointments, gels, lotions, and patches. These are packaged in tubes, jars, or sachets.
  6. Disposable sterile merchandise: Intravenous (IV) baggage, needles, infusion options, masks, gloves, face shields, and surgical kits require specialised packaging to keep up sterility.
  7. Over-the-counter (OTC) drugs: OTC drugs can are available in numerous varieties however don’t require a prescription. These embody ache relievers, cough syrups, antacids, and allergy drugs.

Given the various vary of pharmaceutical merchandise, packaging can differ considerably in dimension, form, and weight. Some merchandise are heavy which poses a danger to staff manually putting them on pallets.

Reality 4: 15-20% of misplaced working days within the UK have been on account of MSDs in 2021 [1]

Moreover, automated palletizing methods play a significant position in defending the product being palletized. Given their typically excessive worth and delicate nature, minimizing product waste and harm is prioritized after employee security. Automated palletizers guarantee exact, constant dealing with and palletization, thereby decreasing the danger of unintended harm. By implementing automated palletizing methods, pharmaceutical producers cannot solely improve employee security but additionally safeguard product high quality and integrity, in the end contributing to operational effectivity and regulatory compliance.



Lowering materials dealing with dangers in shopper items manufacturing

In shopper items manufacturing, the manufacturing atmosphere is dynamic, with a variety of merchandise being processed and packaged. Client items embody numerous objects, together with: 

  1. Family Merchandise: cleansing provides, filters, pots, pans 
  2. Workplace Merchandise: Printer ink, pens, pencils, paper, extension cords
  3. Electronics and Home equipment: espresso makers, headphones, laptop computer batteries
  4. Private Care Merchandise: cosmetics, hair care, oral hygiene merchandise

Handbook palletizing in shopper items manufacturing poses further security dangers to staff. Merchandise tower on pallets, requiring workers to put merchandise each beneath and above waist degree. This apply will increase the probability of musculoskeletal accidents, notably when coping with heavy or cumbersome objects. Lifting, climbing, pushing, pulling, and pivoting are the first actions in handbook materials dealing with (MMH) actions, which create a danger of damage on the again and shoulder.

Reality 5: MSDs are chargeable for about $50 billion in annual prices within the US [3]

Automated palletizing methods provide an answer to those challenges by decreasing reliance on handbook labor and minimizing the related danger to individuals. By automating the palletizing course of, these methods alleviate the bodily pressure on staff and create a safer working atmosphere. They will deal with all kinds of shopper merchandise effectively and precisely, guaranteeing correct stacking and palletization with out the danger of human error.

Reducing-Material-Handling-Risks in consumer goods manufacturing



Offering individuals with a protected working atmosphere is a high precedence for meals & beverage, pharmaceutical, and shopper product producers. Accidents, whether or not quick or progressive, pose important dangers to staff and might result in substantial lack of working days and productiveness. Musculoskeletal problems (MSDs) are among the many progressive accidents that may end result from handbook duties like pallet stacking, notably prevalent within the manufacturing of Meals & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, and Client Items.

By way of the dialogue of 5 essential information, it turns into evident that bodily pressure, together with repetitive motions, awkward postures, and overexertion, considerably will increase the danger of MSDs. Nevertheless, the mixing of automation (reminiscent of collaborative robotic methods) provides a promising resolution to mitigate these dangers. Cobots can deal with the bodily pressure of palletizing duties, decreasing the probability of MSDs, growing pallet stacking security, and enhancing general office security.

General, by embracing automation in palletizing operations, industries can create safer working environments, shield employee well being, and enhance operational effectivity, in the end resulting in larger productiveness and success.

The long run is protected

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