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Pasting quoted code completely — Erica Sadun

You have got some code you could incorporate right into a multi-line string. What’s the quickest and finest approach to deal with it? Though I see folks do that on a regular basis, manually including areas to every line isn’t one of the best answer.

Right here’s a fast Xcode tip:

  • First, paste your materials into scope. Retain the indentation through the use of Edit > Paste and Protect Formatting.
  • Subsequent, for those who haven’t positioned them already, add the task and triple-quotes above and under the pasted materials.
  • Choose your materials and use Editor > Construction > Shift-Proper (Command-]) to line up the left fringe of the textual content with the closing triple-quote. This command strikes all chosen materials n areas to the fitting, relying on the way you’ve arrange your tabbing. There’s an identical Shift-Left for those who indent a bit an excessive amount of.

Hope this helps somebody.



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