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QDUKI Welcomes Molecular Vista Nano-IR Microscopes

Quantum Design UK and Eire is happy so as to add Molecular Vista to its product portfolio. Providing the very best decision nanoscale chemical evaluation devices obtainable, the vary of Nano-IR microscopes options picture‑induced power microscopy (PiFM) and picture‑induced power IR spectroscopy (PiF‑IR).

QDUKI Welcomes Molecular Vista Nano-IR Microscopes

Picture Credit score: Quantum Design

Carry out Chemical Evaluation on Smaller Volumes than Ever Earlier than

PiFM permits quick and automatic nano‑scale materials evaluation with minimal setup between samples.

Higher than each FTIR and NANO-FTIR.

PiF‑IR spectra present FTIR-like outcomes on the nano scale in milliseconds with even larger decision and SNR than nano-FTIR. Different nano-IR methods have but to point out separate photos of distinct chemical elements imaged on the related IR bands on such tightly packed BCP.

What’s PiFM?

Consider PiFM as supercharged nano-FTIR imaging with ~5 nm spatial decision and superfast nanoscale IR spectroscopy (as quick as 0.1 second for full spectrum.) PiFM acquires each topography and chemical signature on the nanometer scale and demonstrates wonderful sensitivity (monolayer), good correlation to bulk FTIR spectra, and common applicability to a variety of natural and inorganic supplies.

Molecular Vista “Vista 75” AFM-IR instrument

Molecular Vista “Vista 75” AFM-IR instrument. Picture Credit score: Quantum Design


PiFM chemical mapping supplies unbeatable lateral IR decision for analysing floor chemistry.

An elementary cellulose fibril is embedded within the lignin matrix of a cell wall from spruce wooden. Scan dimensions: 150 nm × 150 nm × 10.5 nm.


  • Distinctive Spatial Decision in Chemical Mapping
  • Wonderful Sensitivity
  • Good Correlation between PiFM and Standard IR Spectra
  • Common Pattern Applicability
  • Hyper-spectral Nano-IR Imaging
  • Distinctive ease of use

QDUKI Welcomes Molecular Vista Nano-IR Microscopes

Triple helix collagen, PiFM picture of Triple Helix Collagen demonstrating nano IR monolayer sensitivity. Pattern courtesy of Jinhui, PNNL. Picture Credit score: Quantum Design



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