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Tindie Weblog | Turing Machine MKII Eurorack Module – Random Looping Sequencer

Image of three angles of the Turing Machine, a black fronted PCB device with two large control knobs and 5 CV input/output jacks
The Turing Machine MKII Eurorack Module is a flexible random looping sequencer designed for composing evolving digital music. Using a 16-bit reminiscence circuit known as a shift register, this module produces a symphony of randomly altering management voltages that lock into loops starting from 2 to 32 steps.

What actually makes the Turing Machine such an engrossing instrument is its advanced relationship with randomness. When synced to a CV clock sign, it transforms white noise knowledge into spontaneous sonic sequences, controllable by way of onboard encoders or exterior CV sources. Its central knob twists to the appropriate to catch these random pitches right into a loop, which is able to repeat at a size specified by its second encoder.

Its most fun characteristic is its skill to incrementally add components of randomness again into sequences, creating an evolving musical composition virtually solely independently. With a little bit little bit of enter from the musician, this entertaining technique to produce loops creates thrilling, refreshing, and bouncy arpeggios!

Described by DivKid because the ‘actual beating coronary heart of a system’ in his video for Music Factor Modular, the Turing Machine infuses your Eurorack patches with charming melodies and sophisticated polyrhythms. Its intuitive interface offers you hands-on management over rhythm and pitch, making a fast-paced and pleasant platform for musical experimentation.

The Turing Machine MKII is produced by Synthrotek, a prolific creator from Washington, USA. It’s obtainable in DIY kits and totally assembled variations, and the Synthrotek retailer hosts a wide range of complementary tools to boost your setup!



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